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Arctic unique husky and wilderness experiences

Discover wilderness and meet the huskies



Adult 180 € (normal price 195 €)

Child 49 € (normal price 59 €)


Are you seeking outdoor adventure? Do you want to see unspoiled wilderness? Maybe pick up berries or mushrooms?

Explore the wonders of nature in safe way with us and meet the huskies. You will have two great experiences and get memories you will never forget! We offer you a private group or small group wilderness tour. You can see authentic and wild finnish forest and be stunned of the fresh air and quiet, magical forest. We will see where the first finnish people settled in when they moved to Finland thousands of years ago. It is the most magical place in Finland because it was chosen to be the best place in Finland by first finnish people. We see also beautiful rapid and river. Our wilderness guide will tell you everything about finnish nature and its uniqueness.

After tranquil and serene forest walk, you can meet the huskies. What makes us unique is that you can meet huskies in our home and see and hear how we live with these arctic dogs. Huskies will be free with you in the yard (if you wish so). You can take very nice pictures with huskies free huskies. We have big, warm house where you can warm up, relax, have a hot drink and snacks and spend time with huskies! Prices include warm drink and finnish snacks. It is possible to combine husky ride to this program with 95€ extra price per adult, 69€ per child.

We have took the care of the sleddogs to best level. If you want to support very good care of huskies, you are in right place with us!

You can take your own dog with you. We have nice place for your dog where she/he can stay in our house.

Duration 3-3,5 h.

Meet the huskies



Adult 109 € (normal price 119 €)

Child 39 € (normal price 49 €)


Welcome to meet our friendly siberian huskies. You can play and cuddle them and make photos and selfies when huskies are running free around you in our big yard. They love attention and are eager to play with you. You will hear stories about huskies and see and hear how we live with these beautiful arctic dogs.

Then you can pick up your favourite husky and we can go to walk with huskies to beautiful forest. You can see finnish wilderness and hear stories about it's uniqueness.
Walking distance is dependant on your wishes (Walking is optional, you can stay at kennel if you prefer so). After we go back from walk, we will have warm drink and finnish pastries in our cosy house with huskies.

Duration 2 h


Sleddog ride. Private or very small groups. No mass tourism.



Adult 199 € (normal price 215 €)

Child 69 € (normal price 79 €)


At this program our siberian huskies will take you to the ride with sled or cart/ATV (with cart/ATV at spring, autumn and summer) in beautiful finnish countryside. All our dogs love pulling sled/cart and they are happy to take you to the adventure. We also let huskies run free at our yard (if you wish) so you can take nice pictures. You will hear stories about huskies and see how we live with these arctic dogs. After cart ride and playing with dogs, we will enjoy warm drink and finnish pastries in our warm and cozy house. Cart ride is 5 km. Sled ride is 7 km.

For us, safety of our customers and huskies is top priority. That is why I will drive the sled and you can relax and enjoy sleddog ride.  



You can arrive by car. Or by train from Helsinki to Lahti and order our pick up from Lahti.

For more information about the pick up and other details from the website.

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