The Helsinki Card as your travel card

The Helsinki Card acts as your travel card throughout the validity and duration of your pass. The Helsinki Card can be used across all public transport within the metropolitan area of Helsinki, making it a great way to see the top sights included in The Helsinki Card.

Where can I use the travel card?

The travel card allows you unlimited travel across all transport networks in Helsinki:

✔ Buses

✔ Trams

✔ Metro

✔ Local Trains

✔ Suomenlinna Ferry

How do I use the travel card?

Upon boarding the public transport, make sure you scan your card on the card reader. When the card reader beeps and turns green, the pass has been read and your journey has been validated.

The travel card and pass is activated from the first time it is used, so be aware, if you activate your pass on public transport before visiting an attraction, this will count as activating the whole pass.

If you need to check the validity of your pass at any point during the duration, you can do this by holding the pass up against the reader on the public transport, and it will tell you how much longer your pass is valid for. If your pass beeps red then it has already expired.

Make sure you properly validate the journey as you will be penalised if you are caught travelling without a valid ticket or travelcard.

Children under 7 travel for free on the transport network when accompanied by an adult with a valid travelcard.

Download A Free Map of Helsinki's Public Transport Here

How do I take the ferry to Suomenlinna?

Ferries depart once every hour, to/from Suomenlinna to the Market Square, but from the beginning of May through August, they will run 3–4 times per hour. The ferry trip takes about 15 minutes and is free of charge, included with the travel card part of your Helsinki Card. Simply board the ferry and present your card to the reader until the green light has validated your journey.

Ferries run daily:
from Market Square 06.20-02.20
from Suomenlinna 06.00-02.00

Can I use my travel card for the airport?

The travel card does not include free travel to/from the airport, however you can get a discounted ticket for a Finnair City Bus.

You could also upgrade to the Helsinki Card REGION to travel for free on the Ring Rail line from Helsinki city centre to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Without the REGION Card, a ticket will cost 5,50 euros.

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