Dive into the mesmerizing underwater world at SEA LIFE Helsinki and spend a great day out for people of all ages!

Welcome to the underwater world of SEA LIFE where you get to meet right up close the most fascinating creatures of the sea! The exhibition consists of 7 differently themed areas which include the tropical rainforest, the beautiful coral reef and the magnificent Ocean tank. It has 50 aquarium tanks and has nearly 200 different species of animals. You can additionally see the daily occurring live animal feedings that are organized every hour, and learn more about protecting the sea and its creatures.

Reservations required. Visit SEA LIFE Helsinki's website to book a time slot for your visit.  


  • Wide variety of marine life from around the world in approx. 50 tanks
  • Walk through the ocean tank tunnel with sharks swimming around you
  • Touchpool – are you brave enough to touch a sea urchin?

Did you know:

  • Sharks have lived on earth for over 400 million years
  • Seahorse males carry and bear their offspring, unlike other animals where it's the female's role
  • Sea anemones have no brain, heart or blood

Things to see:

Journey into the depths of the ocean when you walk through the Ocean Tunnel (surrounded by 250,000 litres of water!) and into the magical underwater world. Some of the most dangerous animals are just metres from you - see if you can spot the different shark species swimming around you. Tip: there's a Zebra shark - called Sweetie, Blacktip Reef sharks and a Bambu shark. Also, don’t miss the daily occurring live feeding.

Ray Display
Rays are some of the most majestic sea creatures, gliding through the ocean with such ease and gracefulness. The Ray Display is a great place to learn more about these fascinating animals, a near relative of the shark, having evolved 150 million years ago, and what they feed on and their most effective methods for catching their prey. Hint: it's in the tail

Discovery Pool
One of the most popular zones in SEA LIFE Helsinki is the Discovery Pool where you get to try a sea urchin and see up close some beautiful sea stars. Fun fact: starfish can grow a new leg in a few weeks, if they need to lose an old one in self-defense.

How to get there:

  • Bus: 23 (Linnanmäki stop)
  • Tram: 3 & 9 (Linnanmäki north stop) are the closest. Numbers 1 & 8 (Linnanmäki south stop) about 500-750m away.
  • Train: Pasila (short walk away)


Please Note: Children aged between 3-14 years are subject to entrance fees at SEA LIFE (see prices). Get free entry to this attraction with a child Helsinki Card.

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December 24 – 25

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Tivolitie 10, Helsinki


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