Built by Frithiof Mieritz in 1890, Restaurant Seurasaaren Kruunu is a sophisticated combination of  Scandinavian decor and fresh sea-to-table flavours. Located in one of Helsinki's resplendent seaside parks, the restaurant is situated on the peak of a hill. Walking through the venue, which can seat over 200 customers, you'll notice the imperial hall and cabinets in pristine, authentic condition. Sat at your table in the back of Seurasaari, you'll be able to take in stunning sea views that perfectly complement every dish. And enjoy 20% off the normal price of á la carte dishes with your Helsinki Pass. 


  • Enjoy delicious handmade dishes, cooked onsite, using the freshest ingredients.
  • Experience the restaurant's stunning natural surrounds.
  • Take in historic architecture and design
  • Benefit from 20% off the normal price á la carte dishes. Need a refresher? Add coffee, tea or juice, and a cinnamon bun to your meal for just €6 per person. 

Getting there

Seurasaari is located to the south of Meilahti, about five kilometers from the city centrum. Bus number 24´s last stop is at the end of the bridge which leads to the Seurasaari island. The bus travels through Ullanlinna and Erottaja, to Seurasaari.

Cars and bicycles are forbidden means of travel in Seurasaari without a special permit. Visitors are also encouraged to use public transportation due to a lack of parking spots.

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Please check official website https://seurasaarenkruunu.fi/en/contact


Closed until 14th February, 2020.

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Seurasaari, 00250 Helsinki


044 773 2120

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