Must-do in Helsinki

Helsinki offers lots to do, see and experience for visitors of all ages. Visiting events is a great way to experience Helsinki like locals. Find our tips of events to make your stay in Helsinki memorable!

Events in March-April 2017

Please check the event info at the event organizers own website due to possible cancellations and changes in timetables or prices. The calendar is compiled about a month before the events take place.

Helsinki Sauna Day 11.3.
Helsinki Sauna Day is a celebration of saunas all over the city! Helsinki is full of saunas and in Finland inviting someone to your sauna is a mark of respect. On Helsinki Sauna Day the private saunas of the city open their doors to everyone. You can browse through the open saunas and book a sauna session beforehand. Take a sauna in Helsinki and meet new people!

Helsinki Sauna Day / Radison Blu Seaside, Ruoholahti

Photo: Radison Blu Seaside, Ruoholahti

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Ornamo Art & Design Sale 11.-19.3.
Ornamo Art and Design Sale is an annual art and design event that showcases a wide range of unique design. Featured artworks include textiles, ceramics, glass and small-scale sculptures. The event is a so-called take away exhibition, where visitors can take away their purchases of the day.


Photo: Ornamo

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Festival of Political Photography 2017: Post-Food
The Festival of Political Photography presents images that highlight the political, social and environmental dimensions of food. The environmental effects of the food industry and climate change are interconnected with hunger, migration, and wars. While a large proportion of the world’s population suffers from malnutrition, it is estimated that one third of food produced in the world goes to waste.


Photo: Tim Franco

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You can’t be serious – Political Stand-Up Show 17.3.
You Can’t Be Serious is a series of stand-up comedy shows featuring Jamie MacDonald, Juuso Kekkonen, and special guests. Each night, the left-leaning heroes tackle a new theme and try to expose the hilarious, awful underbelly of human political life.

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World Figure Skating Championships 29.3.-2.4.
Enjoy the enchantment of the best figure skaters of the world and see their fascinating performances on ice. World Figure Skating Championships bring together world class skaters at Hartwall Arena. Opening show on 29.3., competitions on 29.3.-1.4., Exhibition of Champions 2.4.


Photo: World Figure Skating Championships

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Helsinki Ink 17  31.3.-2.4.
Helsinki Ink convention brings together 37 international tattoo studios with 28 Finnish tattoo studios. See the tattoo artists in action and follow tattoo contests. The programme also includes acrobatics shows, live music and exhibitions.


Photo: Istock

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Exhbition: Room for Love – Hunger for Pleasure
The exhibition is about love in a restaurant setting, whether we are talking about love for another person or for food. The exhibition takes you on a journey through different feelings of love. The visitor will face hunger, longing and expectation, joy and passion, pleasure, fulfilment and comfort, and bloating and disappointment. The exhibition appeals to the viewers’ emotions and offers strong experiences to which they can relate. The exhibition also draws special attention to the queer perspective. Room for Love is a part of the Finland 100 jubilee.

Palacen Grilli / Kuva-arkisto / Yhtyneet Kuvalehdet Oy

Photo: Otavamedia arkisto

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Exhibition: Food Waste
It is estimated that around one third of all food produced around the world is wasted each year. Through their photography and video art, artists Filippo Zambon and To Kosie have turned their attention to the contradictions inherent in food waste. In the hands of these artists, waste can be transformed into aesthetic experiences and yet, simultaneously, art also has the power to lay bare the secrets hidden below the surface. Exhibition is located at Virka Gallery at Helsinki City Hall. Free entrance.

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Spring Fair 17 6.-9.4.
Spring Fair is all about gardening and décor, but it also offers some great stuff for all the foodies in the city: a section for local and organic food! So if you are interested in locally produced and organic food, here you’ll find out more about specialized Finnish companies and entrepreneurs. And there’s also a lot of sweet and savoury things to taste and shop.


Photo: Vilma Lehtonen / Visit Helsinki

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Via Crucis 14.4.
Easter celebrations start on Good Friday with the ecumenical passion play and wandering Via Crucis, the Way of the Cross. The event gathers annually almost 20 000 viewers to the city centre. The route starts from Kaisaniemi Park and ends at the Cathedral.

(c) Jussi Hellsten

Photo:  Jussi Hellsten / Visit Helsinki

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Easter Bonfires at Seurasaari 15.4.
Seurasaari Open-air Museum lights the Easter bonfires which have been lit since 1982. According to an old Finnish tradition, evil spirits, witches and trolls are particularly busy on Holy Saturdays and bonfires are believed to scare them away.

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Helsinki Beer Festival 7.-8.4.
Every spring the Cable Factory fills with eager beer aficionados, industry folks, and other people around the world to enjoy good beers and good atmosphere.


Photo: Istock

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Helsinki Coffee Festival 21.-23.4.
Share Finns’ enthusiasm for coffee and learn everything about this great drink! Helsinki Coffee Festival is the biggest coffee festival in the Nordic countries and it brings together coffee lovers and professionals from all over the Nordics. There’s also music and culinaristic experiences to enjoy.


Photo: Kritiina Kurronen / Otavamedia

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Exhibition: 100 Objects from Finland
What objects describe best the story of Finland and Finnish identity during the country’s 100 years of independence? One object from each year of independence was chosen for this exhibition. The stories of the items describe Finnish identity with every day, industrial, innovative and humorous examples. The exhibition project was launched and managed by the Finnish Institute in Estonia.


Photo: Anton Reenpää

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Exhibition: ARS17 – Hello World!
The theme of the ARS17 exhibition is the global digital revolution whose impacts are evident in culture and the economy, as well as in human identity and behaviour. The exhibition will showcase artists of the new millennium and offer a fresh approach to contemporary art by also expanding the viewing experience into the online realm.

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May Day Eve 30.4.
On May Day Eve, people gather in the centre of the city and most especially at Market Square. There the famous statue of Havis Amanda will be decorated at 18:00 with the student cap by university students. People celebrate througout the night all over the city. Traditionally on May Day people gather at in Kaivopuisto Park to enjoy sparkling wine and picnic.


Photo: Paul William / Visit Helsinki

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